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Tennessee Announces Investments in Child Care

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This fall, the Tennessee Department of Human Services announced a package of new programs to support child care quality.

These efforts will help to incentivize new child care businesses and stabilize existing programs:

  • The Child Care WAGE$® Program: An education-based salary supplement program will be offered to child care educators employed in licensed child care agencies.
  • Shared services and resources: Resources such as business management tools, human resource tools, program administration tools, and classroom resources that align with state requirements will be available at no cost through an online centralized resource center. Licensed child care agencies will also have access to shared services, including bulk purchases at discounted pricing.
  • Enhancement grants: Licensed child care agencies may apply for funds to support quality improvement, compliance with licensure rules, and capacity enhancement. Agencies may apply for up to four thousand dollars (or up to five thousand dollars for distressed counties).
  • Business academies: Small business academies will offer training opportunities that promote best practices and strengthen business operations for child care programs. Training topics will include budgeting and planning, reporting, marketing, and staff recruitment and retention.
  • Pediatric First Aid and CPR training: Pediatric First Aid and CPR training and certification will be available to child care educators and administrators of licensed child care agencies at no cost.

Interested in learning more about child care policies that support babies and their families? Check out our resources here.


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