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Supporting Sustainability For Infant-Toddler Court Teams: A Federal Funding Guide

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The ZERO TO THREE National Infant-Toddler Court Program developed A Federal Funding Guide to assist Infant-Toddler Court Teams as they plan for their long-term sustainability. It is intended as a starting point for Infant-Toddler Court Teams and their partners, at both the community and the state level, to identify potential federal funding sources that might be accessible for supporting: components of the Safe Babies Court Team™ (SBCT) approach, as well as services for infants, toddlers, and their families.

The Federal Funding Guide can be used for three key purposes:

  1. Engage with state and local agencies that receive funding to discuss potential areas of alignment to support Infant-Toddler Court Team operations and/or services for families.
  2. Collaborate with organizations to make service or system changes to increase families’ access to services that are supported through a funding source.
  3. Apply directly for funding or in collaboration with community or state partners.

The guide provides a high-level overview of 30 federal funding sources that could potentially be used to support:

  • Components of the Safe Babies Court Team approach
  • Services for infants, toddlers, and their families

See below for an overview of how the sections work:

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    Torey Silloway

    Director of Policy and Financing, National Infant-Toddler Court Program (ITCP)