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Addressing Bias and Advancing Equity


Volume 42 No 1

The mission of ZERO TO THREE—to ensure that all babies have a strong start in life—is deeply influenced by issues of equity and social justice. The articles in this issue of the Journal represent a small collection of the efforts, both within ZERO TO THREE and from our colleagues who are working on the frontlines of service, to address bias and advance equity at all levels and systems of care.

Table of Contents

Pg 5-Race, Equity, Bias, and Early Childhood: Examining the Research
Ross A. Thompson, Andrew N. Meltzoff, and Walter S. Gilliam

Pg 18-Racial Discrimination and Parenting: Implications for Intervening With African American Children and Families
Justin K. Scott, Cassandra Simons, Tanya Tavassolie, Laura Jimenez Parra, and Brenda Jones Harden

Pg 27-Addressing Bias and Advancing Equity in State Policy
Katrina Coburn, Kim Keating, and Jennifer Jennings-Shaffer

Pg 38-EMBRACE Perinatal Care for Black Families: Reclaiming Health, Wellness, and Self-Determination for Black Birthing
Markita Mays, Theresia Oklan, Glamarys Acevedo, and Suzanne N. Mungalez

Pg 48-The Safe Babies Court TeamTM Approach: Creating the Context for Addressing Racial Inequities in Child Welfare
Joy D. Osofsky, Jenifer Goldman Fraser, and Amy Huffer, with Janie Huddleston, Darneshia Allen, Alexandra Citrin, Juanita Gallion, and Sufna G. John

Pg 62-Culture Clash in Early Intervention Services
Margaret Ritchey

Pg 72-From Patients to Partners: Promoting Health Equity in Pediatric Primary Care With the HealthySteps Program
Diane Lee, Verenea Serrano, Jonna von Schulz, Devin Fields, and Melissa Buchholz

Pg 80-PRACTICAL TIPS AND TOOLS: Parenting for Social Justice: What You Can Do Starting From Birth
Rebecca Parlakian

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Each issue of the ZERO TO THREE Journal focuses on a critical topic within the early childhood development field. Journal articles are carefully composed to present current knowledge, latest research, and practical advice to help early childhood professionals do their best work in support of infants and toddlers.