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Resilience and Rebuilding in the COVID-19 Era: Stories From the Field 2021


Volume 41 No 4

Since the last Stories From the Field issue in the summer of 2020, we have experienced a year of traumatic circumstances that have dramatically affected the well-being of babies, families, early childhood professionals, and their systems of care. The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented fear, illness, isolation, loss, and grief. In addition, young children and their families have also been experiencing the direct and indirect impacts of other extended traumas in their communities, including racial injustice and social tensions, natural disasters, and economic stressors. As with any profound challenge, the past year also brought unparalleled opportunities for growth and transformation.

Table of Contents

Leading With Dignity: One Organization’s Story of Building Resiliency Through Service to Others
Bela Moté and Sonja Crum Knight
Feature Article – Free Access

Sustaining a Light of Hope for Families: Tribal Home Visiting Programs Persevere During COVID-19
Deborah Roderick Stark

Adaptability and Resilience in Early Childhood Education During a Pandemic: Meeting Challenges, Maintaining Quality, and Creating Networks of Support
Marsha Gerdes, Crystal Anokam, Emma Blackson, Ellie Segan, MaryKay Mahar, Beth Huertas, Bernadette Lewis, and Cynthia Richards

“Needed Now More Than Ever:” Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in an Unprecedented Time
Jenny Afkinich, Jenny Torres, Laura Latta, Kate Sweeney Wasserman, Katherine Endy, and Margo Candelaria

An Outbreak of Creativity: Taking Action to Stay Connected With Children, Families, and Community During COVID-19
Dawn M. Curtin and Linda L. Wilson

ParentChild+ Home Visiting Staff: Stories of Resilience During COVID-19
You Zhou, Arexy Bravo Stewart, and Jacquelyn D. Robinson

Holding the Holders: Cultivating Reflective Spaces for the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Workforce During Multiple Pandemics
Ashley McCormick, Sheryl Goldberg, Harleen Hutchinson, Christine R. Hughes Pontier, Ashley Bowers, Lana Shklyar Nenide, and José Silva

Being With…By Zoom?: Tennessee’s Story of Continuing IECMH Workforce Support and Development in the Time of COVID-19
Alison D. Peak, Mindy Kronenberg, Diana Morelen, Carmen Rosa Noroña, Karen Frankel, and Angela Webster

Also in This Issue

This Issue & Why It Matters
Kathy Reschke and Stefanie Powers


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