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The ZERO TO THREE Bookstore offers high-quality publications to enhance your professional development, tools to support your work with families, and resources to strengthen your knowledge of the latest research and practice with young children and their families.

Whether you work with infants and toddlers in early childhood education, early intervention, mental health, child welfare, or parent education; the ZERO TO THREE Bookstore is your one-stop shop for books, tools, DVDs, digital publications, and more!

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New Releases

  • Bookstore

    You Weren't With Me

    $11.95 — Little Rabbit and Big Rabbit are together after a difficult separation, but even though they missed each other, Little Rabbit is not ready to cuddle …

  • Bookstore

    Respecting Babies: A Guide to Educaring® for Parents and Professionals 2nd Ed

    $34.95 — Respecting Babies is a unique guidebook, designed to provide theoretical and practical perspective for those who care for infants and toddlers, wheth…

  • Bookstore

    Holdin Pott

    $11.95 — A worn pressure cooker and a sweet little pot learn new ways of dealing with difficult feelings. Meet the Potts. Holdin Pott grew up learning t…

  • Bookstore

    Focusing on Relationships: An Effort That Pays

    $39.95 — Parent–Child Relationship Competencies-Based Assessment, Treatment Planning, Documentation, and Billing Maria Seymour St. John, PhD, MFT Th…

  • Bookstore

    Once I Was Very Very Scared

    $14.95 — A little squirrel announces that he was once very, very, scared and finds out that he is not alone. Lots of little animals went through scary experie…

  • Bookstore

    My World/Mi Mundo

    $7.95 — This 14-page vocabulary board book features colorful illustrations of everyday objects with words in Spanish and English.

Bulk Resources

  • Bookstore

    Critical Connections Leaflets Full Set

    $120.00 — Critical Connections Parent Leaflets are intended to be used as a parent engagement tool by infant-toddler professionals. Each engaging and easy-to-u…

  • Bookstore

    Behavior Has Meaning Wheels

    $20.00 — These wheels on challenging behaviors offer a 3-step approach to understand and manage behaviors such as biting and tantrums effectively. Package…

  • Bookstore

    I'm Here For You Now

    $16.99 — This board book includes eight photo inserts for caregivers (parents, other family members, and/or child-care providers) to add pictures that chronic…

Resources for Military Families

  • Bookstore

    Sparrow - Mama Version

    $10.99 — This book is designed to support a young child whose parent has experienced a physical or emotional injury/illness. It tells the story of a young bir…

  • Bookstore

    Home Again

    $5.95 — This children's book is written to address the needs of families with young children who are experiencing the return of a parent who has been deploye…

  • Bookstore

    Over There (Mommy Version)

    $9.99 — This popular book features children expressing their feelings about their mother being away on deployment. Also available in a daddy version.