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Red, Blue, Red, Blue

Read more about activities that help young children with recognizing simple patterns like Red, Blue, Red, Blue.

Activity 15: Recognizing Simple Patterns


5 small blocks of one color and 5 small blocks of a different color, or 5 two-inch squares of brown grocery bag paper and 5 two-inch squares of white paper

Try It Out:

  1. Using the blocks, make a pattern of alternating colors. As you put the blocks down, say the pattern, for example “Red-blue-red-blue. That’s the pattern.”
  2. Ask your child, “Can you say the pattern now?” Encourage her to point to each object while she says its color. If she has trouble saying the pattern, point to each block again and say: “Here’s the pattern: Red-blue-red-blue.”
  3. Now take the pattern apart and give your child a turn to make it.
    • Ask her to put one of the blocks down. Ask, “What color was that one? What color comes next?”
    • Help her continue the pattern and name it. Say, “Look, you made a pattern! Red-blue-red-blue.”

Making the Most of This Activity:

Look for opportunities to make patterns with different objects throughout the day. When dressing, create a pattern of “sock-underpants-sock-underpants” on the bed. At meal time, create a pattern of “cheese-cracker-cheese-cracker.” 


Was your child able to make a simple pattern? If not, she may not be quite ready for this activity and you can try again later.


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